How can I get $MELD?
The MELD token is a Cardano blockchain based token.

MELD wants to launch on an even playing field so we will be using a new and innovative technique called an Initial Stake pool Offer or ISPO for short. With an ISPO, Cardano holders can delicate ADA the rewards go to fund the project. It's fair, safe from rug pulls in the end costs you zero ADA! For more details about the MELD ISPO.​

The Banking Stack for DeFi - MELD
The MELD private sale has been filled! This option is no longer feasible

If early investment is not your thing. We will be making MELD available on DEX. We will publish the list of DEX that MELD will be in as the launch comes closer and we can publicly talk about our partnerships.
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Any new $ADA delegated to the MELD ISPO will not receive any $MELD rewards
1. Join the Initial Stakepool Offer
2. Contact investor relations
3. Wait for the public launch of MELD