Sign up & Sign in

Sign up & Sign in

Signing up and signing in to is a simple process. You have 2 options:

  1. Create Wallet

    1. After creating a wallet for the first time, the next time you come to the MELDapp, you will click RESTORE WALLET and enter your Secret Code to access your wallet.

  2. Restore Wallet

Create Wallet

When you click CREATE WALLET you will be presented with this screen:

After writing these down and storing them somewhere physical, click CONFIRM & NEXT.

You'll be prompted to fill the missing words of your Seed Phrase to confirm you stored it. After doing this, click CONFIRM & NEXT.

Next, you are asked to create a Secret Code (password) to access your wallet anytime you enter the MELDapp from your saved device. Enter your Secret Code twice and click SET MY SECRET CODE & FINISH.

4 wallets are created for you: Cardano, MELD, Ethereum, and Avalanche.

Restore Wallet

When you click RESTORE WALLET you will either be presented with this page, where you can enter your Secret Code and access your wallet.

Or, you will be presented with this page, (or click "Other Login Options" to access this page)

Here you can restore your MELD wallet to this device using the 24 words you received when you created the wallet. And for those MELD wallets that have linked their Gmail, password, and security questions, can click Encrypted Key to restore the wallet with at least 2 recovery options.

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