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Your Gateway to Cross-Chain DeFi

Welcome to MELDapp

Welcome to MELDapp, your gateway to the future of decentralized finance. With its cross-chain, non-custodial design, MELDapp ensures secure and convenient asset management for all users, irrespective of their blockchain preferences. Get ready to navigate through a world of digital assets with ease and efficiency!

  • Web Wallet

  • Cross-Chain Native

  • Managing Your Tokens & NFTs

  • Fiat Friendly

  • Staking Options

  • Governance & Voting

  • Lending & Borrowing

  • Collateral Debt Position Visualization

  • Multi-Sig & Browser Extension

Web Wallet

MELDapp presents a user-centric web wallet that houses digital assets from different blockchains, including Cardano, Ethereum, MELD, and Avalanche. Regardless of your DeFi experience, MELDapp's intuitive platform design ensures seamless navigation and asset management. From staking to investing in traditional markets, our wallet offers a spectrum of options to optimize your asset utilization.

Cross-Chain Native

Seamlessly transferring assets across blockchains is integral to a frictionless DeFi experience. MELDapp's integrated bridging technology makes it possible. No more switching between multiple wallets - manage assets from different blockchains within a unified platform!

Managing Your Tokens & NFTs

MELDapp goes beyond being an asset aggregator, helping users efficiently generate yield. It complements existing browser extension-based wallets like Metamask and Nami, allowing users to connect these wallets just like any other dApp. As the MELDapp ecosystem evolves, expect to see more extension-based wallet integrations.

Fiat Friendly

With a vision to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi, MELDapp is developing capabilities to support the MELD Neobank. Expect easy fiat conversion options, enabling straightforward buying, selling, and exchanging of digital assets. What's more, you'll have the opportunity to stake fiat into yielding instruments effortlessly.

Staking Options

Staking lies at the heart of MELDapp, offering various options that cater to different risk appetites. From native PoS staking for assets like ETH, ADA, and AVAX to structured products or farming strategies, MELDapp aims to provide continuous yield-generation opportunities. Rest assured that the MELD DAO will vet all staking options, ensuring transparency and risk awareness.

Governance & Voting

The MELDapp serves as your gateway to the MELD DAO. As a DAO member, you can vote on MELD Improvement Proposals (MIPs) and even propose improvements. Over a three-year period, MELD will transition into a full DAO-governed protocol, empowering users with self-governance capabilities.

Lending & Borrowing

MELDapp's lending and borrowing capabilities are straightforward, letting users supply assets and borrow against them. Unlike other protocols, MELDapp aggregates a user's assets and calculates cumulative collateral for a loan. This means you can use BTC, ETH, and MELD together as collateral!

Collateral Debt Position Visualization

In MELDapp, each collateral debt position (CDP) is depicted with a dual-line chart. The upper line denotes supplied assets and the liquidation point based on risk models, while the lower line signifies the borrowed amount. This clear, color-coded representation helps users understand the health of their CDPs and the effects of changing asset prices.

Multi-Sig & Browser Extension

In the realm of treasury management, MELDapp has developed a Cardano multi-sig wallet available as a browser extension. While this is a commercial product, it remains non-custodial. Users wishing to utilize the multi-sig functionality would be charged a small fee per transaction. Furthermore, MELDapp

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