Umbrella Network

Umbrella Network is a decentralized oracle service that provides blockchain projects with secure, scalable, and customizable data solutions. From crypto to stocks to sports or real-world asset (RWA) data, Umbrella is capable of bringing any kind of data on-chain that a dApp may need, including custom feeds.

Umbrella is secured by a network of decentralized community validators, where consensus is obtained off-chain. Only those feeds with sufficient approvals are accepted by the Oracle, ensuring no manipulation of the data.

Umbrella is committed to providing easy-to-use solutions for utilizing off-chain data on-chain and understands that different projects have unique requirements. That's why it offers smart contracts a broad suite of solutions for consuming data, whether it's high-frequency pricing updates, aggregating large volumes of data at scale, or providing tailored price feeds. Umbrella can meet any specific need.

Discover more about Umbrella's solutions in its technical documentation:

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