Find your ISPO Address

This document explains how to find the address you used in the MELD ISPO for use in minting a Bank Manager.

Minting a Bank Manger

You can mint a MELD Bank Manager by going to the minting page provided by Freeloaderz here.

Eligible Wallets

Only MELD ISPO participants are eligible to mint the MELD Bank Manager. You will need to use the same wallet you used for the ISPO or input that wallets address to mint the Bank Manager. finding the right wallet address can be a bit tricky and an alternative is to use the wallets stake key instead.

Paying for the mint with a different wallet

Because the MELD ISPO was so long ago, you might be able to connect to the minting page with that wallet. You can pay for the mint from another wallet, any wallet; Name, Eterna, Giro, Flint and Lace. Once you connet your wallet you then will need to put in the wallet address or the staking key from the wallet that participated in the MELD ISPO. This is a requirment. If you don't have the wallet anymore, you will not be able mint a Bank Manager (no exception).

Finding your wallet address or stake key

If you don't know the specific wallet address you used for the MELD ISPO you can use the stake key from your wallet instead. In order to find the stake key you enter any wallet address from your wallet into the main field in Cardanoscan and it will look up the stake key for that wallet. Seen below in the red box.

Specially on older Cardano wallets, they use new wallet address fro each transaction making it very difficult to figure out which wallet you used to delegate to the ISPO.

Why am I paying 4.5 ADA?

To mint the Bank Manager it will cost 3 ADA, but there is a Minimum transaction fee for this transaction and that's 1.5 ADA. But don't worry you will get the 1.5 ADA back. When the Bank Manager is minted and sent to your MELD ISPO wallet the 1.5 ADA will also be sent with the NFT. So in the end you will only be pay 3 ADA.

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