Lending & Borrowing Testnet

Key Pointers When Testing Lending & Borrowing on MELD

Create a testnet wallet

Create your testnet wallet here: https://testnet.meld.com/

Test Tokens

Upon successful MELD wallet creation, you'll be automatically airdropped with testnet tokens. A testnet token is identical to the tokens you are familiar with in crypto, but in testnet we have an unlimited amount to test with. They are worthless but useful in preparing for when real money is at stake.

Get MetaMask

  • To test the L&B protocol you can also connect your Metamask wallet to the MELDapp. You will be able to manage both of your lending & borrowing positions by switching the accounts.

  • Go to https://testnet.meldscan.io/ on the browser you have Metamask as an extension, scroll to the bottom and see the 'Add MELD testnet' button.

More test tokens

If you need more testnet tokens or automatic test tokens distribution fails, or you're using Metamask, you can manually request them by pasting your Kanazawa wallet address here: https://faucet.meld.com/ Click 'GIVE ME TOKENS' and wait for a couple of seconds.

You will receive all the testnet tokens available on L&B to perform all main actions like supply, lock collateral, withdraw, borrow, and repay: MELD, USDC, wBTC, wETH, wADA, wAVAX, etc.

Testnet vs Mainnet

Do not send mainnet tokens (having real $ value) to the testnet MELDapp wallet address on Kanazawa test network.

Tracking Transactions and reporting bugs

You can check your testing transactions on our testnet explorer. https://testnet.meldscan.io/

To report any technical difficulties, bugs, design suggestions, or feature requests please use the in-app bug reporter button located in the lower-left corner of the MELDapp (look for a "pixel art creature" icon). This will create a ticket internally. Do not expect a direct answer for each submission, we track them internally and when/if they processed depends on internal milestones.

To communicate directly with the team regarding bugs etc, please refer to Discord and telegram @onMELD.

Protocol restarts will happen during testnet as we update the protocol - and we will aim to communicate on community channels prior, your positions will reset, with every update.

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