How To Bridge in MELDapp

NOTE: If you have any issues bridging tokens held in an external wallet (Nami, Eternl, Metamask), use your MELDapp wallet address to bridge and disconnect your external wallet. This means that you may have to first transfer tokens from your external wallet to your respective MELDapp wallet address before you start the bridging process.

STEP 1 | Find the “Bridge” button in the MELDapp

After logging into the meldapp (, click on the “Bridge” button on the right-hand side of the page under the “Details” section.

Step 2 | Select the Chains & Token

First, select the token you wish to be bridged from the drop-down menu.

After choosing the token, the “From” field will automatically be filled in depending on the asset chosen.

For example, let’s say that you’ve chosen to bridge $MELD existing on Cardano.

The “From” field will now display “Cardano”.

Next, input the amount of tokens you’d like to bridge.

You can also use the slider and adjust the amount accordingly.

Finally, select which network you’d like to receive your tokens on.

Currently, the following networks are supported:

  • Ethereum

  • MELD

  • Cardano

  • Avalanche

Step 3 | Approve Token Balance

If this is your first time bridging, you will need to give approval for our partner ChainPort to bridge your token balance. This action will set a spending cap which you will need to approve again if you go over the limit you’ve set. This approval will require you to sign a transaction and will incur gas fees.

Step 4 [OPTIONAL] | Receive Bridged Tokens in External Address

If you wish to transfer the tokens to an external address which is different from your MELDapp wallet address, click on the button associated with “To External Address” and enter that address. The tokens will then be sent to that specific address on the destination network.

If you do not click the button, the tokens will automatically be sent to your MELDapp wallet address associated with the destination chain.

Step 5 | Review Bridging Transaction

Review the token, amount, networks, and fees before beginning the bridging process.

Once the settings are satisfactory, hit the “Bridge” button.

Step 6 [External Wallet ONLY] | Sign Transaction

After clicking bridging, a pop-up window may appear if you are using an external wallet.

The transaction will require further confirmation in your wallet.

Sign the transaction to proceed.

Step 7 | Wait For Bridging To Complete

After signing the transaction please wait a few minutes for the transaction to receive a specific number of confirmations. The speed of confirmation depends on the underlying blockchain. Your tokens will then be automatically deposited into your wallet.

Step 8 | Success!

Congratulations! You have successfully bridged your tokens.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, if you’ve bridged tokens to MELD, claim your Torus A (NFT) commemorating the start of a new era for MELD.

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