Learn about the MELD Blockchain

The MELD Blockchain is a state-of-the-art open-source platform that leverages Avalanche's subnet architecture and Snow consensus mechanism. With a unique integration to MELD Finance, it stands at the forefront of the crypto-friendly Neobanking and DeFi industry.

Introduction to MELD Blockchain

MELD Blockchain serves as an optimal environment for launching decentralized applications (dApps), primarily focused on the burgeoning field of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The platform's design emphasizes immediate transaction finality, making it a perfect fit for performance dApps. With a maximum capacity of 2,200 Transactions Per Second (TPS) and built-in support for gas-less meta-transactions, MELD Blockchain delivers a consumer-friendly experience that is both modern and efficient.

Developer-Friendly Infrastructure

Developers familiar with Ethereum, Solidity (EVM), C++, and Typescript will find the MELD Blockchain a breeze to work with. This cross-language support simplifies the deployment of smart contracts and encourages smooth development of dApps, allowing developers to leverage their existing toolkits. The result? An extremely scalable, composable, and resource-efficient platform that empowers DeFi applications while delivering a seamless, user-friendly Web3 experience.

Safety, Sustainability, and Compliance

MELD Blockchain isn't just a powerhouse for dApps—it's also a beacon of security, reliability, and sustainability. Its innovative consensus mechanism assures transaction and data integrity. Moreover, the platform's energy-efficient design positions it as a more sustainable choice than traditional blockchain platforms. With the upcoming miNFT, a blockchain-based digital identity system powered by NFTs, MELD Blockchain will offer the flexibility to manage identity records across all network nodes.

Node Operation in the MELD Blockchain

Securing the MELD Blockchain involves Node Operators who stake MELD tokens to register their nodes. This Proof of Stake model strengthens security: the more Node Operators there are, the more secure the blockchain. For the first 12 months of operation, Nodes will receive a 6% APY for the MELD tokens staked. The number of Nodes will remain fixed unless increased by a MIP in the DAO.

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