Press Kit

Your Go-to Resources for Understanding and Representing the MELD Brand

Welcome to our Press Kit. Here, you'll find everything you need to represent the MELD brand accurately and consistently, whether you're a journalist, a blogger, a member of our community, or just a fan eager to share our story.

Our Press Kit includes detailed guidelines on our Copy, Typography, Colors, and the MELD Logo, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of our brand's visual and verbal identity. Each component plays an integral role in communicating who we are and what we stand for. Let's delve into them:


When talking about MELD, it's crucial that our words convey our ethos accurately. Our Copy guidelines detail the language, tone, and style we use when communicating about the MELD brand. From key messages to product descriptions, the Copy guide ensures our voice remains consistent across all platforms and contexts.

For more details, visit: Copy

Our logo is an integral part of our brand. It represents our vision, mission, and values. Learn how and where to use our logo, including the appropriate sizes, the clear space around the logo, and what not to do with it.

For more details, visit: MELD Logo


Our brand colors are as distinct as our mission. They create a visual language that embodies our brand's personality and vision. You'll find guidelines for using our primary and secondary color palettes in this section.

For more details, visit: Colors


The MELD typography includes font styles and typographic treatments that visually complement our brand identity. These guidelines cover our typefaces, use cases, and where to purchase/download.

For more details, visit: Typography

The MELD team appreciates your cooperation in helping us maintain a consistent and powerful brand identity.

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