MELD uses two distinct typefaces to communicate our brand: BR Hendrix and Kumbh Sans. These typefaces have been chosen carefully to reflect the ethos of MELD and to ensure readability across all digital platforms.

Typography: BR Hendrix

BR Hendrix is a bold, modern sans-serif font that communicates clarity and decisiveness. Its clean lines and geometric form are ideal for headlines and short texts, where it's important to capture attention and make a strong impression.

This is a commercial font and can be purchased here.


Typography: Kumbh Sans

Kumbh Sans is a versatile, humanist sans-serif font that has a friendly and approachable character. Its legibility and simplicity make it an excellent choice for body text, captions, or any longer form content.

This is a google font and can be downloaded here.


In your use of these typefaces, remember that the choice between BR Hendrix and Kumbh Sans should be dictated by the nature and purpose of the content. By using these fonts in tandem, we ensure the consistency of MELD's visual identity across all media.

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