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Unveiling the MELD Ecosystem: Empowering DeFi Beyond Borders

Welcome to MELD, a unique ecosystem designed to reshape the financial landscape through the power of DeFi and blockchain technology. Our mission is to bridge traditional banking with crypto, and in the process, create a world where your digital and traditional assets work seamlessly together.

The MELD Ecosystem

Let's delve into the four pillars of the MELD ecosystem:

  • MELD Foundation

  • MELD Neobank

  • MELD X

  • MELD Digital

MELD Foundation

The MELD Foundation is established to nurture, supervise, and expand the MELD protocol, shaping it into a decentralized, non-custodial ecosystem. It coordinates with third parties for technological development, community management, and the establishment of commercial contracts and partnerships.

The Foundation's initial role is to serve as the interim steward of the MELD protocol until it transitions into a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This process, projected to span approximately four years, will see the foundation's governance gradually taken over by the DAO. Subsequently, the Foundation's responsibilities will evolve and manage commercial contracts, provide risk analysis, and be under the supervision of the ecosystem.

As the custodian of the MELD treasury, the MELD Foundation holds the majority of unissued MELD tokens (1 billion) and all ADA block rewards generated by the ISPO. The Foundation, through its commercial partnership with MELD.FI, MELD X the regulated Lithuanian exchange, and MELD Digital undertake various commercial activities. These include exchange listings, contracts with financial institutions, KYC/AML checks, fiat/crypto on-ramping and off-ramping, and protocol partnerships.

The Foundation operates under a Board of Advisors, a Foundation Charter, and a Steering Committee, which convenes quarterly to guide the protocol's evolution and supervise the foundation's activities. The MELD Foundation is subject to a supervisory body, with mandates to administer the protocol and treasury.

Foundations are governed by a supervisory body.

  • Foundations are to administer treasury.

  • The foundation will manage MELD Improvement Proposals (MIPs) and governance voting.

  • The MELD Foundation facilitates the voting process within the MELDapp, providing oversight and transparency into the MIP submission process.

The MELD treasurer oversees the treasury operations, ensuring robust and efficient financial management. Upholding a rigorous risk management framework, MELD emphasizes diversification across various institutions and DeFi protocols, establishing credit and market risk limits on a diverse range of crypto assets, including stablecoins. This comprehensive approach ensures the effective execution of MELD's financial plans, offering a substantial runway and hedging planned expenditures across multiple currencies.

MELD's investment strategy is principally conservative, focusing on maintaining a liquid portfolio that supports business requirements while accruing interest on both fiat and crypto holdings. Fiat currencies are held in various financial institutions and invested in money market funds, while crypto assets are deployed in credible DeFi protocols. To capitalize on market opportunities, MELD reserves a portion of its portfolio for higher-risk trades and engages in market-neutral trades in arbitrage scenarios.

The treasury also partners with external partners to manage the MELD token, ensuring sufficient liquidity and price alignment across different DEXes and CEXes. Customer crypto fund management remains with the users, respecting MELD's non-custodial ethos.



MELD Neobank

A **Neobank **is a type of digital bank without any branches. They operate exclusively online and are typically accessible through mobile applications. Leveraging advanced technology, Neobanks offer customers an easy-to-use interface, lower fees, improved accessibility, and a host of other modern banking features.

MELD Neobank operates within this cutting-edge sphere, providing users with a bridge between traditional finance and the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Operating under regulatory standards, MELD Neobank ensures the secure handling of fiat currencies, offering reliable financial services while supporting the seamless transition between crypto and fiat assets.

Why MELD Neobank?

MELD Neobank distinguishes itself by integrating seamlessly with the MELD ecosystem, providing users with flexibility, efficiency, access to a broad financial market, and unique opportunities to earn passively. As a registered Lithuanian electronic money institution, MELD Neobank supports 15 different currencies and provides services such as SWIFT and SEPA transfers.

Features of MELD Neobank

  • Crypto and Fiat Accounts: MELD Neobank provides an easy way to manage both crypto and fiat currencies. These accounts offer seamless conversion between different asset types, providing an efficient means to buy, sell, and exchange digital and fiat assets.

  • Global Debit Card: With the MELD Neobank debit card, users can easily spend their assets around the world. The card supports numerous currencies, allowing for convenient transactions in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Payment Processing: MELD Neobank supports smooth and efficient payment processing, facilitating transactions between crypto and traditional financial systems.

  • Direct Deposit and Bill Pay: Users can receive their salaries, pay their bills, and manage other financial obligations directly from their MELD Neobank accounts, ensuring a seamless banking experience.

  • Seamless Integration into the MELD Ecosystem: MELD Neobank integrates with the MELD blockchain and MELDapp, providing users with an extensive range of DeFi capabilities in addition to traditional banking services.

Security at MELD Neobank

MELD Neobank prioritizes user security, implementing robust security measures to protect user funds and data. We offer a secure platform where transactions are validated through advanced cryptographic methods. As an EMI, MELD Neobank minimizes insolvency risk by maintaining 100% of customer deposits in segregated accounts.

Getting Started with MELD Neobank

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the MELD Neobank?

The MELD Neobank is a critical component in the MELD ecosystem, providing secure handling of fiat currencies and reliable financial services. It operates under a registered Lithuanian electronic money license, supporting SWIFT and SEPA transfers and debit card services.

What currencies does the MELD Neobank support?

The MELD Neobank supports multiple global currencies, including the Euro, US dollar, Yen, Swiss franc, and many more.

What services does the MELD Neobank offer?

The MELD Neobank offers deposit account services, supports SWIFT and SEPA transfers, and provides debit card services. It allows users to easily buy, sell, and exchange their digital assets for fiat currencies.

What is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and how does it benefit me?

An EMI is a business entity authorized to issue electronic money, i.e., the monetary value stored electronically. As an EMI, MELD Neobank offers increased transparency and minimizes insolvency risk by maintaining 100% of their customers' deposits in segregated accounts.


MELD X is a regulated exchange based in Lithuania, forming a key component in the MELD ecosystem. It operates in commercial partnership with the MELD Foundation, serving as the bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies, thereby enhancing the liquidity and utility of the MELD token.

Role of MELD X in the MELD Ecosystem

MELD X is integral to the functionality of the MELD ecosystem, responsible for ensuring efficient crypto-to-fiat transfers. It allows MELD token holders to easily convert their tokens into fiat currency and vice versa, thereby enabling users to capitalize on opportunities in the broader financial markets, and to expand the use of MELD tokens beyond the MELD ecosystem.

Regulation and Oversight of MELD X

MELD X adheres to stringent regulation under the oversight of the Financial Crime Investigation Service, operating under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. Furthermore, its board of advisors ensures the exchange's operation aligns with the relevant laws and regulations, thus maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Security and Transparency at MELD X

MELD X prioritizes the security and transparency of its operations. It strives to meet the highest standards of security to protect users' funds while offering a transparent exchange platform that allows users to trade with confidence.

MELD Digital

MELD Digital is designed to operate as a Virtual Asset Service Provider within the MELD ecosystem. Its primary roles include handling tokens and tokenized assets, minting and burning of virtual assets, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Role of MELD Digital in the MELD Ecosystem

MELD Digital is fundamental to the operation of the MELD ecosystem. By closely monitoring the distribution and flow of MELD tokens across different blockchains, it ensures the balance and resilience of the MELD ecosystem. In this capacity, MELD Digital is responsible for dynamically adjusting liquidity distribution across blockchains, maintaining optimal operational efficiency and enhancing the overall user experience.

Bridging Process by MELD Digital

One of the key services provided by MELD Digital is facilitating the bridging process for users across multiple chains. Users deposit MELD tokens into a pool on the originating blockchain, these tokens are then locked and corresponding MELD tokens are issued on the destination blockchain. This process allows for seamless interoperability between blockchains and is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the MELD token's total supply.

Minting and Burning Activities of MELD Digital

The MELD DAO, in collaboration with MELD Digital, employs multi-signature wallets to mint and burn large numbers of tokens to balance the distribution of MELD across all blockchains. This involves monitoring the flow of MELD tokens on each blockchain and if there is a significant shift from one to another, the DAO, with their multi-signature signing, will burn on one chain and mint on another, ensuring the total number of MELD tokens remains at 4 billion.

Creation and Redemption of MELD Units

The creation of MELD Units involves the MELD protocol sending physical gold or fiat dollars to the MELD DAO. MELD Units are fully compatible across multiple networks, and their redemption for physical counterparts can occur at any time through the MELD DAO, facilitated by MELD Digital.

Security Measures and Accountability of MELD Digital

MELD Digital signifies a commitment to security and accountability as a multi-signature wallet. Access to this is strictly limited to authorized members of the MELD team, ensuring the safeguarding of assets within the ecosystem. MELD Digital oversees the MELD treasury, which comprises the majority of unissued MELD tokens and ADA block rewards accrued from the ISPO.

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