Diamond Hands

Available to those who delegated 30+ Epochs! 💸

Back at the start of MELD, during the MELD ISPO, we implemented a bonus rewards schema for all those that participated. Delegators could earn bonus MELD tokens depending on the length of time they have delegated for. This ranged from +8% to a +25% bonus. Full article here…

The MELD Diamond hand NFT was a reward for anyone that delegated their ada in the MELD ISPO stake pools for 30+ Epochs. And now, the time has come to start implementing utility! 🚀

MELD Diamond Hand Utility

Diamond hand NFTs will be used on the MELD mobile providing benefits on the fiat side of our services:

  • Early access to the mobile app and its services

  • Early access to bank accounts and no fees for the MELD crypto debit card and holders will not have to lock up MELD to use the services

  • There will also be additional benefits and discounts for the mobile app, and bank — more details coming soon…

Where to buy:

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