MELDapp sits at the core of MELD
The MELDapp sits at the core of the MELD protocol and is designed to be an all-inclusive consumer/retail-friendly experience. The app makes the process of lending fiat, borrowing fiat, and depositing crypto easy to understand and simple to work with.
This is a web app officially supported by Chrome and Brave browsers. The MELDapp will require the Nami wallet browser extension to operate. To see and use $MELD staking and vesting functionality users will be required to connect their Nami wallet to the MELDapp.
Customers using the app are able to transfer or link crypto assets to different blockchains and wallets such as MetaMask with a click of a button. Integrating a seamless user experience allows users to be able to create and deploy smart contracts from a straightforward and intuitive user interface.
Being integrated with Cardano and Avalanche allows us to greatly reduce gas fees for transactions and any other protocol interactions performed within the app.
The MELDapp will be available on:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chrome Extensions