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User manual for Akamon
Below is a step-by-step user experience and walkthrough of the entire process, including linking
For now, users can access Akamon through
To transfer assets via Akamon the user first needs to, if not already done so, link their wallet.
When the “Link wallet” button is clicked it opens a dialog for connecting available wallets.
After selecting a wallet, the selected wallet opens and the user needs to allow MELDapp to access assets in that wallet.

When access to the wallet has been allowed, a notification about a successful connection will be displayed. After wallets have been linked, the user will be able to select assets from those wallets for transfer.
First, in the “FROM” field, the user needs to select the source asset and wallet it will be transferred from:
After selecting the source asset, “TO” field will be populated with destination assets and wallets appropriate for the selected source:
Then, the user needs to enter the desired amount to transfer:
Users can enter the desired amount manually or can click the “MAX” button to automatically input the maximum available amount of asset in the selected source wallet. The destination amount is automatically populated and is the same as the source amount.
After both assets and amounts have been selected, Akamon will display information about the transfer regarding the estimated duration time and transfer fee:
If satisfied, the user can then start the transfer by clicking on the button in the red action bar below the Akamon form.
This will trigger a source wallet where the user is asked to sign the transaction and the transfer is good to go.

After the transfer has been successfully started, the user is taken to list activity history list which shows previous transfers for all connected wallets:
On the right side of the list header, users can see the count of Akamon transfers per status they’re in.
Each list item shows the source and destination asset, wallet, and amount for any given transfer. It also shows an estimated finish time for transfers in process or finish date and time for finished transfers and the transfer fee paid for that transfer.
To create a new Akamon transfer, the user can click on the “New transfer” button which will open the Akamon transfer form.
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