Frequently Asked Questions relating to Akamon
Be sure to check out Akamon Whitepaper and Akamon Technical Report for other insights not provided here...

Are real tokens involved?

No. Only testnet tokens are involved.

When can we wrap more tokens?

MELD and more native tokens from both chains will be supported from Beta testnet in June 2022.

When mainnet?

Beta mainnet is in July 2022.

How is Beta different from Alpha?

Beta is more decentralized when the bridge is co-operated by different partners. Beta also supports more token types, protocol migrations, and more.

Why Alpha only on testnet?

To collect UX, infrastructure, operations, and community management experiences to have more focus on decentralization afterwards.

How to access the MELD app testnet?

Head over to Link your Nami & Metamask wallets. Wrap tokens and track the process right inside the MELDapp.

How do you configure MetaMask to Polygon Testnet? First, install MetaMask for Chrome. Then, click the Chrome Extensions icon and select MetaMask. Within the MetaMask window, click "Get Started" and then "Create a Wallet". Set a wallet password and click through the rest of the setup screens. When finished, you should have a new empty wallet as shown below. Select the network dropdown at the top right of the MetaMask screen.
From the dropdown list, select “Add Network” and enter the following: Network Name: Mumbai(Polygon Testnet) New RPC URL: Chain ID: 80001 Currency Symbol (Optional): MATIC Block Explorer URL (Optional): Click “Save”, and you should now see "Mumbai (Polygon Testnet)" in the network dropdown.

How do you get test MATIC tokens? will only allow you 1 Test MATIC, which isn’t enough to operate with the testnet version of Akamon. Polygon has been able to provide us with ~6000 test MATIC tokens for internal use, as well as for our community! 🥳️🎉
If you are interested in testing out the bridge with test MATIC as well, then paste your Metamask* wallet id in the Typeform below and we will send you enough to perform some bridging! 🌉
Receive Test MATIC from MELD —  Metamask wallet id Typeform submission

How do you get test ADA tokens?

Navigate to the following link: Here, select "tAda" from the dropdown menu and paste your Cardano testnet wallet address into the "Address" field (NOTE it will start with “addr_test1”). You can leave the "API Key" field blank.
Complete the Captcha and click "Request funds".
After waiting a few minutes (usually 5 minutes or less), you should be able to see some tADA in your Cardano Testnet wallet.

How do you access testnet within Nami Wallet?

Click on your profile picture and then go to Settings, and then Network. From here you can choose between Mainnet and Testnet

How can you add mADA to MetaMask wallet?

Click “Add to MetaMask” In the pop-up, click “Add Token”. After doing so, you’ll see mADA on the Assets Tab

What can you bridge in the Alpha version of Akamon?

Users can wrap ADA to Polygon, redeem back; wrap MATIC to Cardano, redeem back; and check the status of the process all in MELDapp.