The Native Bridge between Cardano and Polygon
Akamon alpha testnet link —
Akamon is a native bridge between Cardano and Polygon for transferring assets between the two networks, as well as automating smart contracts integration from both ends. Transferred assets are always backed by the original assets on the original chains, i.e. a wrap model instead of a synthetic or another model.
The objective is to leverage the highly scalable and efficient infrastructure that Polygon and Cardano are providing, to bridge two of the most promising ecosystems at the moment. For MELD, this brings more liquidity, token choices, and DeFi integration from Polygon to Cardano, and exposes MELD products and services to Polygon. In short, MELDers can develop and establish standards on a promising new ecosystem, while still having exposure to liquidity, DeFi integration, and many users from proven chains through Polygon.
This is a community-driven bridge that is open for everyone, hence an emphasis on decentralization, and permissionless and trustless custody.
The community will run Akamon nodes themselves to maintain the network and get incentivized for that. No individual holds a key to any asset in custody. Multiple nodes have to sign together to lock and unlock assets.
Read more in the Akamon Whitepaper