Linking Nami to MELDapp

The MELDapp uses Nami wallet for its core Cardano wallet functionality. The documentation below explains how to connect your Nami wallet to the MELDapp.
Install the Nami wallet in your browser. MELD currently supports Google Chrome and Brave browsers.
To link Nami to the MELDapp open the MELDapp at and click on the wallet icon in the left navigation.
Click on the wallet icon on the left navigation will open the section to link your Nami wallet.
Once you have opened the wallet section choose LINK to connect your Nami wallet to the MELDapp.
You can connect both Metamask and Nami wallets to the MELDapp. For Cardano assets, please use the Nami wallet.
Once you click on CONNECT the Nami wallet window will appear asking you if you want to give MELDapp access to Nami. Click on the ACCESS button to allow.
Confirm MELDapp has access to your Nami wallet.
Congratulations! Nami wallet is now connected to the MELDapp!
Default view once your Nami wallet is connected.

Import Your Seed Phrase to Nami wallet

⚠️ You DO NOT have to do this ⚠️

To use the MELDapp, and gain access to MELD staking, you need to be using a Nami wallet. If your $MELD is in a different wallet, and you want to utilize MELD staking, you have 2 options:
  1. 1.
    Send your $MELD tokens to a new Nami wallet that you create so that you can stake your $MELD using the newly created wallet OR
  2. 2.
    Import your seed phrase to Nami wallet during the account creation process to bring ALL of your wallet's funds into Nami wallet.
This only has to be done if you don't have a Nami wallet, and you want to utilize $MELD staking

1. Download Nami wallet

Available on Brave, Chrome, Edge *The Nami wallet is a browser extension downloadable on the google store or directly

2. Click on the extension to see this screen

3. Click Import, choose seed phrase length for your wallet, and click Continue:

4. Input your seed phrase and click Next

5. Input desired credentials and click Create

6. Click Close

Congratz! 🥳️🎉

If you followed this, then you have just transferred your seed phrase to the Nami wallet!