MELD Newsletter #1

  • ISPO Update
  • MELD and VENT Present ADAmatic
  • MELD Announces Hachi
  • Meet MELD
  • MELD Ambassador Club
  • MELD - Vent Finance Partnership
  • MELD - Cardano Ecosystem
  • MELD - YouTube Videos
  • Platinum Crypto Academy
ISPO Update
Start date - July 1st, 2021 End date - Dec 8th, 2021
There has been a total of 250m ADA delegated to our stake pools since July 1st with 47m MELD distributed as rewards! There is still a little over 4 months and 750m more MELD to be distributed before the end of the ISPO. Start delegating ADA to one of MELDs stake pools to start receiving MELD every epoch.
Follow the article below for more details!
Learn how to delegate ADA to MELD ISPO HERE Read about our ISPO for the MELD token HERE MELD ISPO - The Facts HERE
MELD and VENT Present ADAmatic
We have teamed up with Polygon to build a 2-way bridge from Polygon to Cardano!
ADAmatic is a two-way bridge to bridge your Polygon-based assets to Cardano, and back. Everyone can use ADAmatic independently of MELD, but we are building it to bring more token choices and liquidity into Cardano for MELD users, as well as giving Polygon-based DeFi users on-ramps to the unique, DeFi-based financial services that only MELD offers!
As part of a recent strategic partnership with Vent Finance, the ADAmatic bridge is one of the first products MELD and VENT are bringing to market. This is a much needed addition for not just MELD, but also the greater Cardano Ecosystem.
Read the full article HERE
MELD Announces Hachi
The project builds the first low-level analysis & auditing tools for Cardano Smart Contracts.
The Hachi project is being advised by Dr. Nguyen Anh Quynh, one of the world’s leading security researchers. Being a public endeavor, our MELD engineers have been humbly supporting and inviting other researchers and engineers worldwide to join hands. The project has been working on forming the Security Standards for Cardano Smart Contracts and building the toolings required in the upcoming years.
Hachi focuses on analyzing Plutus Core, the on-chain form of the Cardano smart contract. By leveraging static and dynamic analysis, we can understand how the code actually executes on the blockchain, rather than code at a higher level. Thanks to this unique insight, we shall be able to comprehend and uncover things that other approaches may just too easily miss.
This project proposes to build a new analysis framework for the Cardano platform, in which we can reverse, debug, analyze and evaluate Cardano smart contracts.
Read the full article HERE
This is a series to provide some insight and understanding to the faces behind the MELD team. We have a vast range of engineers, designers, economists, advisors, and researchers from all parts of the world including Norway, Sweden, Vietnam, Japan, Canada and with more partnerships, new team members and advisors joining the MELD team, this list just keeps on expanding and getting better!
James Bowater
Outside of his advisory role at MELD, James is the Founder & Editor-at-large of Crypto AM, the Founder of London Blockchain Forum, the Global Ambassador for World Mobile, Advisor to Boson Protocol, Advisor to Cudos, Advisor to Fintech Legal Labs, Advisor and Global Ambassador for BEQUANT and an Advisor to Sheesha.Finance...
Read the full article HERE
Lise Wessel
Lise’s contributions towards MELD thus far has been paramount. The passion Lise has for what MELD is bringing to the world shines through her efforts and enthusiasm, shown by her marketing insight and community engagement. We are thrilled to have Lise’s knowledge and expertise, having worked with global brands like Coca-Cola and Ben & Jerry’s, committed to MELD and our journey going forward. We’re so fortunate to have you with us...
Read the full article HERE
MELD Ambassador Club
July has been a fantastic month for MELD when it comes to partnerships, introductions, new team members joining, and the overall growth of our community. The time has finally come to start getting the community more involved with marketing initiatives, protocol support, community management and we are reaching out to you!
MELD represents an initiative to blend and merge the fiat world with the crypto world in a way that is decentralized, trustless, and non-custodial allowing access to useable fiat from the value locked within crypto assets.
If you believe in the MELD vision, want to support this initiative, and want to help promote the future of finance then we want you to join us!
MELD Ambassador Program — Signup Form
Read the full article HERE
MELD - Vent Finance Partnership
MELD Labs and Vent Finance are proud to announce our strategic partnership to work towards and be leading contributors in creating a DeFi ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain. Working together we will be building tools and products that support the DeFi protocols on the Cardano ecosystem while assisting in bringing new products/concepts to market. As part of the partnership, we will be sharing our know-how to build our respective businesses and the community at large...
Read the full article HERE
MELD - Cardano Ecosystem
We were officially placed on @Coin98Analytics Cardano Ecosystem map! Coin98Analytics Twitter is an established feed that relays info about different ecosystems and it was nice to be recognized so early on as a legitimate player in the Cardano ecosystem.
The ecosystem has been growing so much over the past couple of months and it's exciting seeing the community engagement, and support from one another to help each other build the next generation of smart contract-enabled protocols! The future looks bright for Cardano!
Platinum Crypto Academy
We are excited to share our vision of merging the fiat world with the crypto world to Platinum Crypto Academy investors! The years of experience in Crypto education and extensive market analysis that Platinum Crypto Academy has undergone made this decision an easy one. We can't wait to share our protocol, mission, and perspectives with this seasoned community. Thanks, Platinum Crypto Academy!
We have joined forces with Platinum Crypto Academy to further push our marketing efforts and reach an entirely new audience.
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Participating in the MELD ISPO is simple and easy. It only requires that you have ADA (the native coin on the Cardano blockchain) and either a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet (the native wallets development by the Cardano team). Once you have these (ADA & a native wallet), the delegation process is completed with only a few clicks. Below you will find links to exactly how to do it.
Process of Staking (link)
  1. 1.
    Access your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet
  2. 2.
    Deposit ADA to your wallet from an exchange
  3. 3.
    Search for the MELD Stake Pool
  4. 4.
    Press Delegate
  5. 5.
    Enter Your Password
  6. 6.
    Congrats! You are now participating in the MELD ISPO
  7. 7.
    View your dashboard to confirm delegation
Types of Stake Pools
  • (FULL) MELD 1 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
  • MELD 2 - 50/50: In this pool you will be rewarded 50% MELD tokens and 50% ADA rewards. Please be aware you will earn half as much MELD as you do in the MELD1, MELD3 & MELD5 100% pools!
  • (FULL) MELD 3 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
  • (FULL) MELD 5 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
  • MELD 6 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
Protocol Introduction
What is the MELD ISPO?
ISPO Rewards
We want to thank everyone for supporting MELD and being so enthusiastic about our ISPO!