MELD Newsletter #2

  • ISPO Update
  • Cardano Ecosystem - Alonzo Purple
  • Solving Concurrent on Cardano
  • MELD x OccamFi Partnership
  • MELD Technical Journal
  • Meet MELD
  • MELD Ambassador Club
  • Cardano Summit
ISPO Update
Start date - July 1st, 2021 End date - Dec 8th, 2021
There has been a total of 323m ADA delegated to our stake pools since July 1st with 198m MELD distributed as rewards! There is just under 3 months and 600m more MELD to be distributed before the end of the ISPO. Start delegating ADA to one of MELDs stake pools to start receiving $MELD for every epoch.
Follow the article below for more details!
Learn how to delegate ADA to MELD ISPO 👉 HERE Read about our ISPO for the MELD token 👉 HERE MELD ISPO - The Facts 👉 HERE
Cardano Ecosystem - Alonzo Purple
The Alonzo upgrade is an epochal moment in the birth of a new ecosystem
The Alonzo upgrade will bring highly anticipated capabilities to Cardano through the integration of Plutus scripts onto the blockchain. These will allow the implementation of smart contracts on Cardano, enabling a host of new use cases for decentralized applications (DApps) for the very first time.
By enabling Plutus scripts to be written and executed on-chain, this creates the backbone for a new decentralized application platform, enabling numerous DApp and decentralized finance (DeFi) use cases – from simple swap type apps to decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and more complex computational programs such as Oracles and crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoins...
This marks the beginning of DApps on Cardano!
Read the full article from IOHK 👉 HERE
Solving Concurrent on Cardano
There was some FUD floating around the Cardano ecosystem for a few days, essentially saying Cardano smart contracts will be unusable due to their UTXO model. Our Engineering team created a whitepaper explaining a potential solution.
Concurrent & Deterministic Batching on the UTXO Ledger
Most smart contract designs so far have been done on an account-based ledger model like on Ethereum. Due to fundamental differences on the ledger level, many of these approaches cannot be ported to the UTXO world. With the rise of UTXO smart contracts on chains like Cardano, Ergo, and Nervos, there is fertile ground for innovative new smart contract architecture research waves.
This paper presents a smart contract architecture that allows concurrent and deterministic batching into a single state. This work is essential in the UTXO world, where states are maintained in UTXOs that can only be spent once. Without a well-thought concurrent framework, there will be a race condition where different dApp users compete to consume the same UTXO.
Read the full Whitepaper written by Hai 👉 HERE
MELD x OccamFi Partnership
MELD and OccamFi join forces to offer $OCC lending & borrowing, liquidity provision to OccamX, and more!
Occam.Fi offers a suite of DeFi solutions tailored for Cardano. Designed to deliver market-leading launchpad capabilities, DEX tools, and liquidity pools, Occam.Fi is a significant addition to Cardano’s rapidly expanding DeFi ecosystem with one of their first offerings being OccamRazer. A powerful, feature-rich, and intelligently designed solution revolutionizing the way decentralized projects raise and exchange capital.
MELD is able to offer various services to Occam.Fi that will further increase the value of their launchpad, their user experience, and their overall platform. We are able to assist through services such as liquidity provision, exposure to our MELD Vaults, and the implementation of an $OCC lending market on the MELDapp.
Read the full article 👉 HERE
MELD Technical Journal
At MELD, we build on top of the Cardano blockchain, so improving the platform is one of our priorities.
This report gives some insights into our contribution to the Cardano ecosystem. With also overviews of our internal projects.
We have been spending a good amount of effort to help update Plutus documentation, which is usually outdated due to lightning development progress. One can never get enough good documentation. The whole community needs this!
After nearly two months since Hachi’s inception, today is our first day on an Alonzo testnet! Before that, we spent more effort mastering Plutus Core, from its formal specifications, representations, compilation pipeline to the interpreters, cost models, etc. Another key focus is on Blockchain and Smart Contract Security in general. It is not trivial since Cardano has a unique tech stack, architecture and is still in the early days of Smart Contracts support. We’ve proposed over 20 different security tooling and service ideas and have been working hard to build a foundation for future research and development. We look forward to publishing our first Hachi White Paper in September. Stay tuned!
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This is a series to provide some insight and understanding to the faces behind the MELD team. We have a vast range of engineers, designers, economists, advisors, and researchers from all parts of the world including Norway, Sweden, Vietnam, Japan, Canada and with more partnerships, new team members and advisors joining the MELD team, this list just keeps on expanding and getting better!
Matej Bilić
The major focus for Matej is the MELDapp, designing certain elements within the app such as styling, positioning, and location of certain widgets users will be interacting with. Matej has a focus on UI/UX aspects of design and is constantly pushing his knowledge in the technological side of design to understand more advanced UI/UX functionalities....
Read the full article 👉 HERE
Filip Nendl
Filip has an extensive background in blockchain technology, programming, project management, and has helped to facilitate an ETO where he helped raise €1.4 million at a valuation of €45 million for Greyp. At MELD, Filip ensures the tasks are understood, coordinated efficiently, and makes sure no one falls behind in regard to the production of whatever project is at hand. Filip constantly strives to push his knowledge and understanding of the blockchain space....
Read the full article 👉 HERE
Amit Pradhan
A seasoned startup founder, investor and speaker, Amit creates, evangelizes, and invests in the future of responsible AI and decentralization. Amit serves as the co-founder and president of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), the executive chairman at Zero.AI and Rainfall, and an investor at JetVentures, a cross-stage international fund....
Read the full article 👉 HERE
MELD Ambassador Club
MELD represents an initiative to blend and merge the fiat world with the crypto world in a way that is decentralized, trustless, and non-custodial allowing access to useable fiat from the value locked within crypto assets.
If you believe in the MELD vision, want to support this initiative, and want to help promote the future of finance then we want you to join us!
MELD Ambassador Program — Signup Form
Cardano Summit
Cardano Summit 2021 is coming soon! 🎉
✅ 36 cities around the world
✅ 55+ volunteer hosts
✅ 1 common interest joining us together
The MELD team will be attending the Summit in Oslo, London, Tokyo, LA, and some other community made locations! We look forward to seeing everyone there and to kickstart this ecosystem with a blast 💥🚀
See if there is an event near you, and join the BIGGEST Cardano event ever! 👉 HERE
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Participating in the MELD ISPO is simple and easy. It only requires that you have ADA (the native coin on the Cardano blockchain) and either a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet (the native wallets development by the Cardano team). Once you have these (ADA & a native wallet), the delegation process is conpleted with only a few clicks. Below you will find links to exactly how to do it.
Process of Staking (link)
  1. 1.
    Access your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet
  2. 2.
    Deposit ADA to your wallet from an exchange
  3. 3.
    Search for the MELD Stake Pool
  4. 4.
    Press Delegate
  5. 5.
    Enter Your Password
  6. 6.
    Congrats! You are now participating in the MELD ISPO
  7. 7.
    View your dashboard to confirm delegation
Types of Stake Pools
  • (FULL) MELD 1 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
  • MELD 2 - 50/50: In this pool you will be rewarded 50% MELD tokens and 50% ADA rewards. Please be aware you will earn half as much MELD as you do in the MELD1, MELD3 & MELD5 100% pools!
  • (FULL) MELD 3 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
  • (FULL) MELD 5 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
  • (FULL) MELD 6 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
  • MELD 7 - 100%: In this pool you will be rewarded only MELD tokens and only 1% of ADA rewards.
Protocol Introduction
What is the MELD ISPO?
ISPO Rewards
We want to thank everyone for supporting MELD and being so enthusiastic about our ISPO!